What is Home Assignment?

What is Home Assignment?

Six weeks ago, our family safely returned to the Toronto area for one full year of Home Assignment! We were overjoyed and blessed to find our house completely cleaned and fully furnished by our home church Scarborough Community Alliance. We also quickly scheduled many medical appointments that were overdue. But what exactly is Home Assignment? And what are we going to be doing during this time? I’m sure many are wondering so let’s run it down a bit.

It’s an opportunity…

  • To reconnect with YOU (neighbours, friends, family and churches) and establish new connections.
  • To report on how God is building His Church overseas and enlisting support for the work we are a part of.
  • For personal refreshment, renewal, and retooling of our body, mind and soul.
  • To dream, discern and prepare for further missionary service.
Nguyen Family Gathering
Visiting CVMC in Calgary

Currently, we are travelling in Alberta visiting family, friends and churches. We had the opportunity to attend the Alliance Canada’s bi-annual meeting in the Edmonton area. We will also be attending a Home Ministry Retreat in Calgary next week with other international workers to help our family re-enter Canadian life. We are experiencing some reverse-culture shock as we re-adjust to a familiar yet different environment. Your continued support in finances is greatly appreciated as we still have ongoing projects in Cambodia and it also supports our living expenses while we are back in-country.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that our family will be able to adjust and adapt well during this season of transition as we listen and depend on Jesus.
  • Please pray for our kids who currently are feeling anxious about going to a new school and making new friends.

Leaders at AVAC Conference