Kid’s Christmas Corner and Prayer Requests

Kid’s Christmas Corner and Prayer Requests

From Marcus 🎁

“I went to 3 Christmas parties and I had 3 gift exchanges over the past 2 days. I think yesterday was my best day ever. Tomorrow we will visit my Auntie Christine in Malaysia.  I will celebrate Christmas and my birthday (Dec 26) there. I am feeling good and excited. And I miss people back in Canada.”

From Mackenzie ⛄

“I miss Charlie and baby Evie (her new baby cousin). I wish there was snow in Cambodia. I like snow.”


  • Thankful for Carol and Kevin doing well on their latest language assessment
  • Thankful we were gifted with a trip to Malaysia to visit Kevin’s sister Christine during Christmas break
  • Thankful that we are building relationships and having more basic conversations with our neighbours
  • Pray for our patience and determination as we begin learning how to read and write the difficult Khmer script next term
  • Pray that our kids will learn to share their bikes and toys (balls) with neighbours more generously and kindly to demonstrate Christ’s love