Firming up the Foundations

Firming up the Foundations

We have experienced cooler weather in Cambodia in December making it ideal for outdoor activities. Our family has been doing a lot of running! Marcus and Mackenzie participated in a fun cross country event at school. Kevin volunteered at the cross country event and he had to hold a large stick to fight off any dogs that came onto the running course (true story!). Carol participated in her first 10 km run with thousands of people at the International Angkor Wat Half Marathon. This was a big achievement for her.

A few weeks ago our team received some valuable training on how to teach the Bible in a narrative chronological way from the beginning of the Old Testament and ending in the New Testament. The material is called Firm Foundations and it was created as a resource for those working cross culturally in a rural or tribal context. This is an effective story-telling method that can help everyone, including illiterate people, understand the Bible. The great part is this resource has been translated into both Khmer and Vietnamese. Our team is hoping to use this resource more in our ministry starting in January.

Christmas is quickly approaching and we have been trying to start some family traditions to get our kids into the Christmas spirit. We have decorated our home, read from an advent calendar everyday, and baked some gingerbread cookies. We also like to visit hotels in the city so we can see decorated Christmas trees and lights. Marcus is also excited because he is turning 8 years old on December 26th. The children and youth in the Siem Reap Vietnamese ministry have been busy rehearsing a nativity play and musical numbers for our outreach event. All the Cambodian churches also host special Christmas services and we hope to attend a couple of these events. This is going to be a busy month of Christmas celebrations.

Praise Items:

  • Our family is thankful we will be visiting good friends in Taiwan during the Christmas break

Please pray:

  • for our upcoming Christmas outreach where we explain the gospel story to guests on December 22nd
  • for the roll-out of the new curriculum “Firm Foundations” and that people will understand the truths of the Bible