A vehicle is found!!!

A vehicle is found!!!

Thank the lord we got a new car … a new truck….. I mean a truck! We have been blessed by our donors, churches, family and friends to be able to purchase a used 2006 Toyota Tacoma. A few funny tidbits about this truck.

First, try to understand that in Cambodia you either buy a brand new car (at almost 3 times the North American price) or you can buy an insurance write-off from the USA (for 2 times the North American price). Based on the VIN number of our truck, it was an insurance write-off from Oregon. It looks like the accident that damaged this truck has to do with the left rear wheel. There appears to have been repairs to the wheel well and the rear tires have been changed. The left rear shock looks like a hack job, but i can probably get this fixed if it needs to be done.

Secondly, this is the biggest vehicle I’ve ever bought which is great for the dirt roads that often get flooded. As many of you know I loved having a trailer for my Rav4 in Canada for hauling renovation materials. It’s quite common here to have tons of people in the bed of your truck. We anticipate this ministry vehicle will be useful for hauling stuff and visitors.

Lastly, it is taking me a while to understand ownership of this car. Who owns this car? Me? Our supporters? The organization? The formal answer is that it belongs to the organization even though we will be the ones driving it. This makes me think about my perspective on how I view “My Stuff”. Is anything really mine or does it all belong to the Lord? I used to look at my possessions and say they belonged to God but believe in my heart that they were still mine because I earned it myself. But now I can honestly say, this vehicle belongs to the Lord, AS Do We.

The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it. Psalm 24:1