One Month In Cambodia

One Month In Cambodia

We have officially been living in Cambodia for one month now and some of you have joked whether we would survive. Yes, we are alive and well! Each day we face new challenges realizing that we have lost some independence, yet we know that our HOPE and IDENTITY is built on nothing less than Jesus’ name and righteousness.

We miss some comforts we took for granted in Canada such as having a dishwasher and clothes dryer (and Mackenzie misses her play kitchen). As we explored Phnom Penh and shopped for household needs this month, we were constantly debating what’s a “good deal” but it’s difficult without a price reference point. We are learning that western products will always cost more and there are things we can live without.

We are thankful that we have not felt lonely yet living here because we have the Nguyen Party of Five and Lobbezoos living in the same apartment building. We celebrated Kevin’s birthday this month and our 12 year wedding anniversary with free babysitting available from these friends. Our team members have made this transition much easier than anticipated as they drove us to markets and helped us bargain in Khmer.

If you would like to call us, feel free to send us an email so we can arrange an online call using Whatsapp, Facetime or Skype. 


  • Mackenzie’s hand infection has healed extremely quickly
  • Marcus received Student of the Week Award for his positive attitude
  • Kevin and Carol acquired their Cambodian driver’s licenses
Prayer Requests
  • Mackenzie cries at drop-off every time, pray she will enjoy attending preschool
  • We are searching for a church, pray for us to find a good community