Easter Celebration in Siem Reap

Easter Celebration in Siem Reap

In Siem Reap, there are 5 VN small groups running on a weekly basis (2 for adults, 1 for youth, 1 for new seekers, and 1 children’s ministry). There are two VN leaders *Dana and *Minh that have persevered in continuing to gather the faith community, visit the families and teach the gospel. We are very proud of how they have persisted and served God selflessly out of their passion and love for Christ.

This week, as we spent time reflecting on how God has been working in the VN community. Dana and Minh shared how they have often felt disheartened when they see the brokenness in the VN community. They see many issues in the faith community that prevent people from being transformed by Christ such as gambling, alcoholism, and grudges between families. We read through Acts 2 together and prayed for God to transform the community to be a fellowship of believers that was united by the Spirit and willing to surrender their lives to Christ.

This weekend, our leaders will be organizing an Easter celebration to gather all the small groups in one of the newer neighbourhoods in which the children’s ministry is currently running. The children will be challenged to memorize bible verses, there are some ladies who have volunteered to cook curry for everyone, and a few Christian friends from the Cambodian church have agreed to help. Dana and Minh also hope this will be a good opportunity to share Christ’s redemptive work on the cross with new friends that have never heard the gospel before. The leaders are asking for prayer support for this event on Saturday.

Prayer Request:

  • For God to prepare the hearts of new friends and seekers to receive the gospel at the Easter Celebration
  • For unity between the fellowship of believers and Christ transformation in their lives
  • For Dana and Minh to be filled with the Holy Spirit as they continue to lead the other disciples
  • Pray against the work of the enemy that wants to keep the VN community in spiritual bondage