Talent Show and Nativity Skits

Talent Show and Nativity Skits

     This week was a big busy week for us. Not only did we prepare for and pass our language assessments, but we decided to take part in the school’s Christmas Talent Show by singing a Khmer/English song. We took a Cambodian pop song and rejigged the lyrics to humourously sing about food. If you’re interested in watching the whole video, just ask, we will consider sharing it…. for a fee!!!

     We have had great experiences at our Khmer language school. It’s an organization with a Christian purpose. Not all of the teachers or students follow Jesus but the school organized this celebration and also had students and teachers take part in the nativity story to share the story of Christ’s birth. We are thankful that this school continues to demonstrate their Christian values and beliefs daily.

Carol is on the far left, acting as a sheep with the shepherds

     Our family took part in two nativity skits this season, at Marcus’ school and at our school. It’s a beautiful and bold declaration that Christ is in Christmas. We fight the same struggle here as in Canada; commercial Christmas vs. Christian Christmas. Most Khmer people know about Christmas but I imagine many are a bit confused about Santa and Jesus and how they relate. As we share gifts with neighbours and friends, we pray we can make known the gift of Jesus to everyone.

Our family would like to wish all of the readers back home a Merry Christmas!

The Lims